Feeling the Energy

As many of you know, and if you don’t you may have guessed, I’m a touchy / feely energy person.  I can sense the energy around me wherever I am.  It could be a state or town, could be a crowded room at a party, or in this case… walking into a new potential apartment.  Which is why I needed to physically fly down to Las Vegas to pick out my new digs.  I have rented places sight unseen before and it was never a good match for me.  And I’ve learned from that.  These are the criteria that I have formed over the years:

  • Must be in a complex that has great amenities (i.e. pool, jacuzzi, gym, etc.)
  • Must be on the top floor so I don’t hear anyone walking overhead
  • Must be facing either south or east so I can have my morning sun
  • Must be a quiet community where you can step outside and hear the birds
  • Must be close to nature and nature activities like walking trails
  • Must be in a safe neighborhood

I don’t think anyone of those is too much to ask for.  My current apartment in Franklin is on the 3rd floor with a family above me.  They seem to love running back and forth across their unit, yelling at the TV during Patriot’s games, and vacuuming EVERY day.  LOL  The apartment before that in Seaport Boston did not get direct sunlight.  Both my plants and me withered without it.  However, on a clear day at 4pm, I would get the reflection of sun off the hotel windows across the way from me.  The apartment before that in Dedham, MA was directly across from the Dedham Corporate Commuter Rail station.  And yes, they still run cargo trains at 3am in case you were wondering.  

So, Monday, February 27 found me on a six hour flight over to McCarran International Airport.  I left Logan at 5:21pm Eastern and landed in Nevada at 8:23pm Pacific.  A quick visit to the baggage claim carousel and then a confusing stop at the rental car garage.  Seriously, all I got was, you are in section 3.  When I walked over, I expected someone to be there directing me to my car.  Nope.  No one.  I walked back over and the attendant said just pick a car.  Huh?  So off to section 3 again and looked at my choices.  I picked a Nissan Sentra since that is what I drive at home and felt comfortable with it.  I can honestly say that is the first time my car was not assigned to me.

A beautiful 20 minute drive to my hotel Westin Lake Las Vegas all the while texting (hands free!) my niece, Cassandra, who was already waiting at the hotel for me.  Now Lake Las Vegas is an anomaly to the area.  It is a man-made lake resort area in Henderson on the way to Lake Mead.  Desert, greenery, and water.  They don’t usually mix in Vegas but they do at Lake Las Vegas.  Oh, and can I give a shout out to the Westin… they upgraded my room to water view and gave me free breakfast buffet coupons for every morning of my stay.  Sweet!

Great hotel. Great area. Great company. Great energy.  I was vibrating so high I didn’t even notice the time change.  Except for the next morning when I woke Cassandra up before the sun and went outside to experience the sunrise over the mountains.  Absolutely breathtaking!

Cassie had graciously agreed to visit all the apartment complexes with me and our first appointment was at 10:30.  So after our first breakfast buffet, we headed in town to see our first three complexes.  I had originally allowed 2 hours in between each appointment due to touring and driving.  But everything is so close in the area that we really didn’t need the time. 

  • 10am - Veritas Apartments (http://www.veritasapartments.com)
  • 12pm - The Fairways at Southern Highlands (https://fairwaysapts.com)
  • 2pm - The Belmont Apartments (https://belmontapts.com)
So, here’s the thing… doing an online search is so different to walking into a place.  Veritas was my top pick online.  The minute I got there, I did not “feel the energy”.  The property manager felt insincere, like she had a script to follow.  Okay, we at the pool, I need to say this.  Now, we’re at the mailboxes, I have to say this.  It just didn’t work.  And made me feel uncomfortable.  The unit was also worn and dated.  Smelled funny and had stains on the carpet.  Big nope.  We extricated ourselves as politely as possible and went straight to our second appointment.

The Fairways proved to be different.  It was a beautiful plum tree lined Parkway drive up to the complex. The second I drove up, I felt different.  We were greeted sincerely and given a tour as if we were friends.  It makes a big difference.  As she showed us the community areas, we had different animals talking to us.  There were birds chirping directly at us, there were people walking their dogs who responded to us.  It seemed like a place I could live.  The apartment was very cute and facing the right way for me.  Very quiet community.  The downside was that it was a 13 year old complex.  So updates were needed.  Still it was a highlight of the day.

Since we didn’t have to get to our last appointment until 2pm and we blasted out the first two quickly, we decided to go to lunch.  We asked the property manager at The Fairways to direct us to the nearest restaurant, which she had trouble doing.  She finally came up with one so we drove to it.  Basically, it was the only open building in a clearing.  Unfortunately, it was closed for lunch.  Hmmmm.  So we decided to drive toward our next appointment and have lunch at the first place we could find.

What we found was that most restaurant / Bar establishments have gambling at the bar.  So they are dark.  Like really dark.  The place we found had a non-smoking dining room with a little bit more light.  Great food.  Great service.  The other plus to this place was that a huge group of military men were there when we got there and we overheard that when they asked for their bill, another patron had already paid for their meals.  I have to admit that I got teary eyed at that.  What a wonderful act of kindness to the men who serve our country.

On to the last appointment, we got there and they didn’t have any units available for us.  Okay….  We had an appointment.  How hard is it to call me or email me and say, we just rented the last unit.  We made the trip for nothing.  But then again, that meant we were free for the rest of the day with “The Fairways” in the running.  Good day, all in all.

Stay tuned for Day 2 of Apartment Hunting...


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