And The Winner Is …
The second day of apartment hunting started with another beautiful sunrise.  The hotel room faced the beach and pool area which looked like shimmering gold with the morning sun.  It was breathtaking.  Cassandra and I had another three apartment complexes to visit today for a total of six all together.  I felt that would give me a really good snapshot of the availability and areas of Henderson.

So after another free breakfast buffet, compliments of the Westin, we headed back into town and to our first appointment at La Vie.  The first thing I noticed about both days was that the traffic was very light in the morning.  I’m sure that is due to most people having night shift jobs in hospitality but it the highways felt very light and very quick to get place to place.

La Vie Apartments is on a quiet street off a major street called South Green Valley Parkway.  And I just need to tell you, I think I am in love with this street.  From the short drive from highway to the street turn-off, I passed:

The Henderson Pavilion is a big draw for me.  It’s an open air theater which has fantastic shows.  They also host the Friday Farmer’s Market year-round.  The upcoming show in April is called Blues with a side of Bacon.  Ha Ha Brilliant!
This is one of the newer areas of development in Henderson and they are still in construction mode.  It backs right up to the Black Mountain and all the hiking trails.  The apartment complex itself is only a year old.  So we both had high hopes for this appointment.  And it did not disappoint.  First we were greeted by the lovely Amanda.  She is so sweet and sincere and we became fast friends just walking around the complex.  The community area is gorgeous and the apartment buildings are laid out very thoughtfully.  It’s a quiet gated community too so we felt safe and serene.  We saw one maintenance guy cleaning the pool and another cleaning the grills.  We were impressed with their upkeep.  The only downside was not being able to see the actual unit that was available due to the last tenant just moving out.  It was not “show” ready.  But we did go to the building and figure out that it faces east so I will get my morning sun! And I was able to view the model that has all the same amenities.  It was more expensive than all the others but after viewing the three from Tuesday, I could see why.  We thanked Amanda and were on to our next appointment.

Since we finished the first tour early, we decided to show up to our next one early.  They had no units available.  Again, a phone call or email would have been nice!  So onto our last one all before lunchtime!   Elysian at St Rose was off of St Rose Parkway which is a strange industrial type road.  They also sit across from the Henderson Executive Airport.  So there was air traffic while walking through the complex.  It was okay but I really can’t remember it because it was just okay.  So we said our good-byes and went to lunch.  

After a little shopping trip on Stephanie Street, which has every store imaginable on it, we headed back to the hotel to have a serious discussion about all six properties.  Me being me, I made a pros and cons list and we scoured the web for reviews.  We had narrowed it down the The Fairways and La Vie.  We had a great list going too!  The deciding factor came from several reviews about The Fairways having a scorpion problem.  Scorpions!!!!  Uh uh, no way, big NOPE.  Decision made!  

I contacted Amanda and asked if we could come back to La Vie on Thursday for another look.  We did and I felt the same brilliant energy I felt the day before.  Loved the area, loved the community, loved the quietness.  This is it.  This is my new home. I put down my deposit and signed on the dotted line.  Now I can’t wait to get here for real!!

My flight back to Boston was scheduled for 10:30pm that night.  Yep, the red-eye.  And it was only four hours back instead of the six hours it took on the way out.  I find that so strange.  Landing in Boston at 6:30 the next morning, I forced myself to stay up for the entire day so I could get back on Eastern time. Now to pack up my life and say good-bye.  Goodbye's are the hardest thing.

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