Let the Journey Begin
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  ~ Lao Tzu

Packing up and saying goodbye was the hardest part of this whole experience.  First, I didn’t realize that I had that much “stuff”.  And some of it is stuff I haven’t used in years but for some reason can’t part with.  So into boxes it went.  I had to make three trips to Home Depot for boxes and tape.  And the movers still had to box more stuff when they came to load me up.  Second, being able to say goodbye to people in person.  There are so many of you that I wanted to hug but time and scenarios didn’t play out.  To all of you, here is a great big virtual hug!!! 

 {{{{{ HUG }}}}}

I originally scheduled the movers to come on Monday/Tuesday and was told that they would call the day before to let me know what time they would be there.  But then, we had a small storm called Stella that decided to visit New England and they pushed all their pickups to Friday.  I pleaded with them to make it either Wednesday or Thursday because I had to be on the road on Friday in order to keep my timeline that I set for myself.  I started looking at alternatives of locations and driving longer hours each day, but in the end, they made it to me on Thursday so all was good.  Except that my original quote of 28 boxes in reality turned out to be 96 boxes.  Whoops!  haha

After the movers left and a quick cleaning job of the apartment, I was off to Billerica, MA to stay with my BFF for my last night in Massachusetts. This will be the first time in over 20 years that we are not living in the same state.  This is going to be weird.  But we text every day, all day so thankfully that will not change.  :)

Friday morning came upon us with sunny skies and a balmy 27 degrees.  After applying my Stress Away and Deep Relief Essential oils, I was off.   It really was a beautiful day for a drive. The sun was on my face all day.  Traffic was light.  Now, if you’ve never been to New England then you don’t realize how small all the states are and how close they are together.  You can technically hit every state in one day.  I know that won’t be the case as I go west but it’s what I’m used to.  Just in this one day I was in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania.  I was also going to dip into Ohio but found an awesome last minute deal on a hotel through Priceline.  Seriously… Check it out.  $60 for a Marriott Townhome Suite.

As I unpacked all my bags into my room and went through my email, I found one from Young Living about the Yoga and Essential Oil retreat that I’m headed to in Utah.  They were reminding us to bring our own Mats and Blocks because they won’t have any to loan us.  Ruh Roh.  Guess where mine are?  Yep, on the moving van headed to Nevada.  Guess I will be making a quick trip to Walmart in the morning before I get on the road!!!

Here are some pictures of the day:


Irish Pub in Danbury, CT for lunch

New York


Oh and everyone should own one of these bad boys!  It made blogging from bed very easy!

All in all, a great first day. My heart is feeling very light and joyous.  And I am truly happy to be experiencing this freedom.

Until next time… 


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