So I can answer my own question from my last post.  I asked my readers… 

“I met some nice people at dinner tonight and they explained to me that the time change happens as you enter what is called the Sand Hills.  I guess that is the start of the Rockies or that I'll be able to see the Rockies.   Any of my readers who can answer that?”

The answer is no to both.  It takes a really, really, really long time to see the Rockies.  Even when in Colorado.  I felt like I was driving for hours before I saw them.  That may be an exaggeration but it’s how it felt.  But when you do see them, expect magic!  

I think I was just driving on the west side of Denver when I started to see them.  My goal for the day was to reach another Priceline Deal hotel in Georgetown which is nestled in the very beginning of the Rockies.  You can clearly tell you are climbing elevation as the road twists and turns.  It was a fairly easy drive until I got to Genesee, CO where there was a horrible accident and stopped traffic dead for about 2 hours.  They closed the highway and made everyone get off.  Thank goodness there was a rest area right there where I could just park myself until it opened up again.  

The CDOT tweeted that one car rolled into another.  They needed the jaws of life and airlifted people to the hospital.  The highway was closed so they could inspect the scene.  Thoughts and prayers go out to those people and their loved ones.  When they finally opened up the road again, it was smooth sailing to Georgetown.  

Now Georgetown is a very small, very quaint little town.  Literally nestled in the mountains.  

I picked it for it’s name because my 18 year old cat George just passed away last summer.  I probably wouldn’t pick it again especially after continuing the drive the next day and seeing tons of beautiful towns.  But let’s get back to Georgetown.  The hotel I got for that night had to be the worst one I have ever stayed at.  It was disgusting.  As soon as you walk into the front door, you are hit with cigarette smoke from the clerk behind the counter.  Ugh!  Then I got to my room.  Yikes!!!  Dark, dank, worn out.  Squeaky floor and just a mustiness to it that squicked me out.  They didn’t even have a coffee machine so I had to bring in mine from the car.  There was a sticky substance on the nightstand so I laid a plastic bag over it so none of my stuff would touch it.  And I wore my shoes the entire time.  There was no way I was walking on that carpet.  Amazingly enough, the bed was comfortable.  A nice big memory foam king.

I woke up nice and early that morning and high-tailed it out of there.  I didn’t even take a shower.  I just ran.  Haha  But I’m glad I started my day early because the mountains in Colorado are just so breathtaking.  I don’t even know how to describe how majestic they are.  They are huge, colorful and inspiring.  I was in tears as I was driving because their vibrational energy was just too much for me to contain.  My pictures do not do them justice at all.  Take a look for yourself.

I stopped in Grand Junction, Co for gas, lunch and a carwash.  My car was gross with all the snow and rain back east.  Once I was back on the road, I only had another 4 hours to get to my AirBnb in Lehi, UT.  Now let me tell you.  The mountains in Utah are not shabby either.  I almost think they were taller but it could have just been the elevation of the road through them.  The only thing I didn’t like about driving into Utah was all the prarie dogs trying to cross the highway.  There were so many squished ones which made me sad. And I also saw a couple of near misses that made me gasp out loud.  Poor things.

So the mountains around Lehi, UT remind me of the ones around Phoenix where they are circular and the town is inside of them.  Every way you look, you see snow capped mountains.  

I continued on to my AirBnb with no issues.  Very nice area.  Very nice house.  Time to shower and head to bed early.  I can’t wait for my Young Living Yoga Retreat in the morning!!

Until next time...

Keep on Truckin'

Keep on Truckin'
Trucks everywhere!   Every kind of truck you can imagine.   And it's excruciating when they try to pass each other because they block both lanes either at the speed limit or below.   But they are very considerate drivers.  They know what they are doing.  

Today was mostly Iowa farmland. I started in Rock Falls, Illinois with a balmy 36 degrees and finished out the state.  It was a sunny blue sky kind of day.

Then I drove over the great Mississippi River into Iowa.  I have to say that I've enjoyed this state the most on this trip.  Well maintained roads, lots of signs at every exit for food and gas, rest areas, and gorgeous views of rolling Plains.  I'm very impressed.  Oh and they have windmills galore.  Big huge ones all over.  They get it.  They are using their natural resources to their advantage. 

After driving the entire length of Iowa, I went over a huge bridge in to Omaha, Nebraska.   So far Nebraska has the highest speed limit of 75 and the warmest weather.  Got up to 90 degrees!

Tonight's stop was in Grand Island, Nebraska which is only about an hour and a half into the state.  I have the rest of the state to drive through and another time change half way through the state.  I met some nice people at dinner tonight and they explained to me that the time change happens as you enter what is called the Sand Hills.  I guess that is the start of the Rockies or that I'll be able to see the Rockies.   Any of my readers who can answer that?  

Until next time ...

And I Thought Boston Drivers were Crazy…

And I Thought Boston Drivers were Crazy…
Saturday morning started out as a cold, wet and foggy morning in Grove City, PA.  A look out my hotel room window let me know that is also snowed overnight.  Nothing major but enough of the white stuff, ‘kay?  After a quick stop at Wal-Mart to get a new yoga mat and block, I was back on the road again heading west.

I didn’t realize that I would  pass through as many states as I did today.  I don’t know why that didn’t register in my mind that I would be driving through Indiana.  For some reason, my brain thought Ohio went straight into Illinois.  So from Pennsylvania, I crossed over into Ohio and then Indiana where somewhere toward the end changed over the Central Time.  That was confusing to me because I was under the impression that it would change when I hit Illinois.  Looking at a time zone map for the state, you can see this little tiny area of Indiana  in the northwest and southwest that changes while the rest of the state stay in Eastern  I just so happened to be on the highway at the top of the state that goes through Gary, IN..  See… you learn something new every day.  

Once crossing over into Illinois, I was afraid for my life on their Tri State Tollway.  Oh My God!  I thought Boston drivers were crazy.  Illinois drivers bring that to a whole new level!!!  The posted speed limit was either 55 or 60 depending on which stretch of highway you were on.  I tend to drive 5 to 10 miles over the speed limit depending on traffic flow.  There were cars screaming by me and weaving in and out of traffic.  It was scary.  I saw so many near misses that I think I aged a bit.  Haha  Thank goodness I have my mom's lucky butterfly collection with me.

Once past Chicago, the clouds started to finally break.  I could see beautiful rays of sunshine peeking through.  It was a great drive out into the farmlands with the sun rays.  I took pictures but I’m not sure if the rays will be visible in the pictures.

Made it safely into Rock Falls, IL and stayed at another Priceline deal hotel.  This one wasn’t as impressive at the last but hey, it was a deal!  The good thing about this place was that there was a restaurant attached to it so my dinner choice was easy.

Also, during my drive today, my new furniture was getting delivered and set up in Henderson.  Cassandra sent me pictures and videos of it and I’m excited to see it in person.  Things are coming together.  As Gabrielle Bernstein likes to say… The Universe has my back!

All in all, another great day of freedom.

Love and Light to all of you
Until next time…

Let the Journey Begin

Let the Journey Begin
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  ~ Lao Tzu

Packing up and saying goodbye was the hardest part of this whole experience.  First, I didn’t realize that I had that much “stuff”.  And some of it is stuff I haven’t used in years but for some reason can’t part with.  So into boxes it went.  I had to make three trips to Home Depot for boxes and tape.  And the movers still had to box more stuff when they came to load me up.  Second, being able to say goodbye to people in person.  There are so many of you that I wanted to hug but time and scenarios didn’t play out.  To all of you, here is a great big virtual hug!!! 

 {{{{{ HUG }}}}}

I originally scheduled the movers to come on Monday/Tuesday and was told that they would call the day before to let me know what time they would be there.  But then, we had a small storm called Stella that decided to visit New England and they pushed all their pickups to Friday.  I pleaded with them to make it either Wednesday or Thursday because I had to be on the road on Friday in order to keep my timeline that I set for myself.  I started looking at alternatives of locations and driving longer hours each day, but in the end, they made it to me on Thursday so all was good.  Except that my original quote of 28 boxes in reality turned out to be 96 boxes.  Whoops!  haha

After the movers left and a quick cleaning job of the apartment, I was off to Billerica, MA to stay with my BFF for my last night in Massachusetts. This will be the first time in over 20 years that we are not living in the same state.  This is going to be weird.  But we text every day, all day so thankfully that will not change.  :)

Friday morning came upon us with sunny skies and a balmy 27 degrees.  After applying my Stress Away and Deep Relief Essential oils, I was off.   It really was a beautiful day for a drive. The sun was on my face all day.  Traffic was light.  Now, if you’ve never been to New England then you don’t realize how small all the states are and how close they are together.  You can technically hit every state in one day.  I know that won’t be the case as I go west but it’s what I’m used to.  Just in this one day I was in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania.  I was also going to dip into Ohio but found an awesome last minute deal on a hotel through Priceline.  Seriously… Check it out.  $60 for a Marriott Townhome Suite.

As I unpacked all my bags into my room and went through my email, I found one from Young Living about the Yoga and Essential Oil retreat that I’m headed to in Utah.  They were reminding us to bring our own Mats and Blocks because they won’t have any to loan us.  Ruh Roh.  Guess where mine are?  Yep, on the moving van headed to Nevada.  Guess I will be making a quick trip to Walmart in the morning before I get on the road!!!

Here are some pictures of the day:


Irish Pub in Danbury, CT for lunch

New York


Oh and everyone should own one of these bad boys!  It made blogging from bed very easy!

All in all, a great first day. My heart is feeling very light and joyous.  And I am truly happy to be experiencing this freedom.

Until next time… 

And The Winner Is …

And The Winner Is …
The second day of apartment hunting started with another beautiful sunrise.  The hotel room faced the beach and pool area which looked like shimmering gold with the morning sun.  It was breathtaking.  Cassandra and I had another three apartment complexes to visit today for a total of six all together.  I felt that would give me a really good snapshot of the availability and areas of Henderson.

So after another free breakfast buffet, compliments of the Westin, we headed back into town and to our first appointment at La Vie.  The first thing I noticed about both days was that the traffic was very light in the morning.  I’m sure that is due to most people having night shift jobs in hospitality but it the highways felt very light and very quick to get place to place.

La Vie Apartments is on a quiet street off a major street called South Green Valley Parkway.  And I just need to tell you, I think I am in love with this street.  From the short drive from highway to the street turn-off, I passed:

The Henderson Pavilion is a big draw for me.  It’s an open air theater which has fantastic shows.  They also host the Friday Farmer’s Market year-round.  The upcoming show in April is called Blues with a side of Bacon.  Ha Ha Brilliant!
This is one of the newer areas of development in Henderson and they are still in construction mode.  It backs right up to the Black Mountain and all the hiking trails.  The apartment complex itself is only a year old.  So we both had high hopes for this appointment.  And it did not disappoint.  First we were greeted by the lovely Amanda.  She is so sweet and sincere and we became fast friends just walking around the complex.  The community area is gorgeous and the apartment buildings are laid out very thoughtfully.  It’s a quiet gated community too so we felt safe and serene.  We saw one maintenance guy cleaning the pool and another cleaning the grills.  We were impressed with their upkeep.  The only downside was not being able to see the actual unit that was available due to the last tenant just moving out.  It was not “show” ready.  But we did go to the building and figure out that it faces east so I will get my morning sun! And I was able to view the model that has all the same amenities.  It was more expensive than all the others but after viewing the three from Tuesday, I could see why.  We thanked Amanda and were on to our next appointment.

Since we finished the first tour early, we decided to show up to our next one early.  They had no units available.  Again, a phone call or email would have been nice!  So onto our last one all before lunchtime!   Elysian at St Rose was off of St Rose Parkway which is a strange industrial type road.  They also sit across from the Henderson Executive Airport.  So there was air traffic while walking through the complex.  It was okay but I really can’t remember it because it was just okay.  So we said our good-byes and went to lunch.  

After a little shopping trip on Stephanie Street, which has every store imaginable on it, we headed back to the hotel to have a serious discussion about all six properties.  Me being me, I made a pros and cons list and we scoured the web for reviews.  We had narrowed it down the The Fairways and La Vie.  We had a great list going too!  The deciding factor came from several reviews about The Fairways having a scorpion problem.  Scorpions!!!!  Uh uh, no way, big NOPE.  Decision made!  

I contacted Amanda and asked if we could come back to La Vie on Thursday for another look.  We did and I felt the same brilliant energy I felt the day before.  Loved the area, loved the community, loved the quietness.  This is it.  This is my new home. I put down my deposit and signed on the dotted line.  Now I can’t wait to get here for real!!

My flight back to Boston was scheduled for 10:30pm that night.  Yep, the red-eye.  And it was only four hours back instead of the six hours it took on the way out.  I find that so strange.  Landing in Boston at 6:30 the next morning, I forced myself to stay up for the entire day so I could get back on Eastern time. Now to pack up my life and say good-bye.  Goodbye's are the hardest thing.

Until next time ...
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